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Lotto Social offers a ready-made managed syndicate service with tickets purchased directly from The National Lottery, and where all tickets form part of a syndicate.
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Tickets are purchased directly from The National Lottery. Each ticket is shared with other members in the form of a syndicate of 49 or less. 1 in 5 jackpots are won by syndicates!







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What is EuroMillions?
The EuroMillions is a European lottery draw that occurs on Tuesday and Friday every week. The first draw began on Friday 13th of February 2004 in Paris. It has jackpots that would put you in the same category as the rich and famous overnight. Best of all, it’s easy to play.

When you play in the EuroMillions, the minimum amount of money you could win is £15M. If no one wins this amount, the jackpot will continue to roll to huge amounts until it is won. Playing the EuroMillions is easy. All you have to do when buying your lottery ticket is pick 5 numbers between 1 and 50, then choose two lucky star numbers between 1 and 12. Once this is done, just sit back and relax in the knowledge that your bank account could have a big cash injection.

There is no other UK lottery that is bigger than the EuroMillions, which is why it is one of the nation's favourite lottery. Whilst also making people multi-millionaires overnight, the EuroMillions donates a proportion of money raised to charitable causes. Helping projects such as building new school facilities and community projects.

The country with the most jackpot winners are France (87), Spain (84) and the UK (70). Since the EuroMillions lottery began, the total amount of money won in the UK alone is £7.5 billion, that’s a lot of lucky tickets.

The EuroMillions also has an event called the Superdraw. This is a lottery that occurs two to three times a year whereby the jackpot explodes to a phenomenal amount of money.

In 2017, The Superdraw occurred twice. Once in June and once in September. The June draw was won straight away at £87.5M. The September draw reached even higher heights and was eventually won by a lucky winner at £170M.

When is the next one you ask? Well, good news! The next Superdraw will be on the 23rd of February, so not far away at all! Be sure to put this date in your calendar and don’t forget to play.

What time is the draw?
The EuroMillions draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday between 19:45 and 20:00.

How to win the Jackpot?
A great way to win the jackpot is by playing in a syndicate. The odds of winning are greatly reduced and you don’t pay as much to play!

Match Estimated win
5 Main Numbers + 2 Lucky StarsJackpot
5 Main Numbers + 1 Lucky Star227,848.80
5 Main Numbers£23,586.00
4 Main Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars£2,307.30
4 Main Numbers + 1 Lucky Star£123.00
3 Main Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars£78.00
4 Main Numbers£43.30
2 Main Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars£14.20
3 Main Numbers + 1 Lucky Star£10.70
3 Main Numbers£9.00
1 Main Number + 2 Lucky Stars£7.60
2 Main Numbers + 1 Lucky Star£6.00
2 Main Numbers£6.00

Why play the lottery online?
Playing the lottery online in the UK is quick and easy. You never have the worry of rushing to your local shop to buy lottery tickets at the last minute. Buying tickets online can also be automated so you never miss out on a draw again, meaning your chances of becoming a millionaire increase!

You are also likely to save money. How? Well, if you drive to buy your lottery ticket from your local store, you are first using petrol, which we all know is not cheap! Then you also have to avoid buying unnecessary products like those packet of crisps and magazines that you barely read. If however, you play online, then all those problems disappear.

So there you go, playing the lottery online has never been easier. Now is the time to get buying and start winning!

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